Glasgow Taxis Ltd. are proud members of the Scottish Taxi Federation and have witnessed the many benefits arising therefrom. Not only do we gain advantage from the SFT representation at Government level, but locally the meetings with trade members from across the country allow us to keep up to date with developments and share best practice.

Unity is strength and our trade can only benefit by a strong voice being heard on our behalf, more especially in this current age of technological advance where large corporations are threatening the market with internet apps that question local practices.

Thanks to the Scottish Taxi Federation lobbying at national Government level and advising and listening to local views and concerns the trade is represented as one across the country.

Michael Traynor, Glasgow Taxis LTD

Central Taxis has gained immeasurable benefit from our membership of the Scottish Taxi Federation. The support and encouragement of highly experienced trade representatives has been of great value to our management team.

The exchange of ideas and information with other taxi operators across Scotland has encouraged co-operation and helped to move our business forward. “Strength Together” has real meaning within the STF and the entire trade benefits from credible, national representation at a Government level which wouldn't otherwise be possible.

We are proud members, committed to support the STF in the future and grateful in return for the support of the board and fellow members.

Tony Kenmuir, Central Radio Taxis Edinburgh

Renfrewshire Public Hire Association operates in the whole of Renfrewshire which incorporates Glasgow Airport.

We had always been aware of the services that the Scottish Taxi Federation offered to the Trade due to some of our more senior members being involved with the S.T.F. in the past, in particular former members of the Paisley Taxi Owners Association.

R.P.H.A. joined the S.T.F. back in 2008 and from that point on we found the support, knowledge, experience and advice that were made available to our Association through the S.T.F. invaluable.

The S.T.F. held discussions on our behalf with Glasgow Airport which without doubt they were instrumental in ensuring that the management of the taxis at Glasgow Airport remained with the local trade.

To date our Association have a healthy and productive relationship with the Glasgow Airport Management Team which was made achievable thanks to the input from the S.T.F.
As with any Taxi Association there are instances when Legal advice has to be taken. The S.T.F. was able to guide us through this process by introducing us to Solicitors with the expertise that we required.

The S.T.F. Newsletter and general updates are always very informative and keep the Trade up to speed with issues that are affecting other S.T.F. members and explain the course of action required to resolve their issues.

May we take this opportunity to encourage any other Taxi Associations and Taxi companies in Scotland to join The Scottish Taxi Federation so they too can benefit from the “expertise” that will be at their disposal.

Renfrewshire Public Hire Association

Morisons LLP represent the Scottish Taxi Federation and are proud to do so. We have been impressed with their energy and effectiveness.

In our experience the Scottish Taxi Federation consistently strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for both their individual members as well as the taxi trade as a whole. We welcome the opportunity to continue to provide assistance to them in this regard.

Morisons LLP

City Cabs has been a member of the Scottish Taxi Federation for many years. There can be no doubt that the Taxi Trade is better represented through one voice. The knowledge and support that the STF provide their members has been gained through years of experience dealing both locally and at national level. The challenge is for more Taxi operations throughout Scotland to embrace the benefits that membership of the STF will bring to their business.

City Cabs see the STF forum as a great initiative for the Scottish Taxi Trade to both share ideas and gain strength together. Modern technology is advancing at an alarming rate therefore in order to be at the forefront of current and new initiatives we should go forward together.

Les McVay, City Cabs Edinburgh