1. NAME:
    The name of the Federation shall be: –
    The Scottish Taxi Federation
  2. OBJECTS: In keeping with the highest standards of service to the general public and
    with the purpose that each of its members may earn a deserved standard
    of living.
    The objects of this Federation shall be: –
    a) To carry on activities in the common interests of all its members, who will conduct their affairs in a
    manner, which will not prejudice the interests of other members.
    b) To cultivate acquaintance, fellowship, co-operation, goodwill and a professional spirit amongst its
    members, facilitate and exchange ideas and methods, recognise and honour their exceptional
    services and achievements and as it may affect their interests, further the efficiency of service to
    the general public.
    c) To promote the study of the service, aid in the maintenance of competition and advise in the
    enactment of just, equitable and constructive legislation.
    d) To foster the continuity of the Federation, assist its members in all and everyway possible and
    encourage the development of recent members.
    e) To gather, organise, keep on file and diffuse useful information, facilitate research in all functions of
    the licensed taxi business and acquire and maintain all pertinent material thereto.
    f) To conduct annual general, special general and general committee meetings for its members.
    g) Through the proper operation of this Federation and integration of the creative forces at its
    command, to act or co-act with others, especially local authorities, national government and other
    taxi federations in the improvement of the economic, social and civic values of the licensed taxi
    h) To protect the investments of its members and secure the living standards and welfare of all who
    are engaged in the industry.
    a) The Federation shall have the following officers who shall form the executive committee namely, a
    Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a General Secretary, a Treasurer and one executive committee
    b) Subject to Rule 3(e) the General Secretary shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to be
    held during 2004 and shall hold office for 3 years and shall retire at the first Annual General
    Meeting after such period of 3 years has expired. A retiring General Secretary shall be eligible for
    c) All other officers shall be elected by the majority of members present who are entitled to vote at an
    annual general meeting or special general meeting and shall continue in office until the next annual
    general meeting and at every such meeting the said officers shall retire. All retiring officers shall be
    eligible for re-election.
    d) A Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Treasurer shall be elected from and by the executive committee
    at its first meeting after the annual general meeting.
    e) Any officer may be removed from office by resolution passed at a Special General Meeting of which
    due notice has been given specifying the intention to consider such resolution and the ensuing
    vacancy must be filled by the votes of at least 55% of the members present entitled to vote and
    voting at the meeting.
    a) The General Secretary shall attend all meetings. He shall record correctly the names of officers
    present and the minutes of the proceedings which will be transcribed into a book and authenticated
    by the signature of the Chairman as the proceedings of the meeting.
    b) He will receive proposals for admission to the Federation.
    c) He will handle all business of the Federation as required and report to the executive committee on
    a regular basis.
    e) He will summon and give due notice of all meetings and keep documents and papers in such a
    manner and for such purposes as the executive committee may require. The Secretary shall on all
    occasions of the execution of his office act under the superintendence, control and direction of the
    executive committee.
    a) The Treasurer shall produce all books, documents property and money of the Federation in his
    possession and render a full and clear account at each audit and whenever required by resolution
    of Federation or the executive committee and on all occasions in the execution of his office, act
    under the superintendence control and direction of the executive.
    All nominations for election to the executive committee shall be in the hands of the General
    Secretary not less than 28 days before the annual general meeting at which the election is to take
    It will be in order for:
    A person to be nominated for a position on the executive committee by:
    a) A member association.
    b) An individual member.
    c) Individuals members cannot self nominate.
    The Executive Committee Functions shall be:
    a) To carry out resolutions passed by the annual general meeting.
    b) To carry out the day- to- day running of the Federation and set annual subscriptions and
    plate levies subject to the consent of the annual general meeting or a special general
    meeting called for that purpose.
    c) Arbitrate in disputes between Federation members.d) To meet within 14 to 21 days at the request of 3 members of the executive committee.
    i) The General Secretary shall call the meeting and write the agenda in conjunction
    with the Chairman.
    ii) Three members will form a quorum for a meeting of the executive committee. iii) To
    co-opt members to form a sub-committee as required.
    iv) “In the event of a vacancy occurring in the executive committee, the remaining
    executive committee members may co-opt a member to fill that vacancy, until the
    next regular general meeting of the Federation, at which time an election will take
    place to fill that vacancy.”
    a) Executive officers shall receive remuneration for the time spent in the execution of their duties at an
    hourly rate to be decided by the members at an annual general meeting.
    b) The officers may in addition to any remuneration also be paid for travelling and other expenses
    incurred in attending and returning from duties relating to the business of the Federation.
    c) The General Secretary shall receive an annual honorarium for time spent in the execution of his
    statutory duties, such amount being decided at general meetings, and in addition shall receive
    remuneration as an executive officer for any other duties that my be required of him.
    The auditors shall be appointed by the annual general meeting.
    1. a) i) All applications for membership will be at the discretion of the full membership and
    will be discussed at a regular meeting of the Federation.
    ii) Application for membership can be accepted from licensed taxi owners who fit the
    2. Individual.
    a) They are individual licensed taxi owners in an area where there is no Federation member.
    b) They are individual licensed taxi owners in an area where there are no constituted taxi
    c) They are individual licensed taxi owners in an area which has a federation member or a
    constituted taxi association but with which they are not associated.
    3. Associations.
    a) Associations which consist solely of licensed taxi owners.
    b) Associations which consist of licensed taxi owners and have other hire interests, these
    interests being not more than 25% of their total number of vehicles.
    4. Companies.
    a) Companies or other bodies, which consist solely of, licensed taxi owners.
    b) Companies or other bodies which consist of licensed taxi owners and other hire interests,
    these interests being not more than 25% total number of vehicles.
    a) Annual subscriptions and plate levies, as set by the annual general meeting must be paid within 56
    days of that meeting, or by bankers order of 10 monthly payments commencing from the month
    that the fees were set. Bankers order for new members shall commence from the month of joining
    the Federation and will be charged pro-rata.
    b) Federation membership will lapse if annual subscriptions and plate levies are not paid within the
    specified period, or in the event of default of the bankers order.
    An annual general meeting of the Federation shall be held on or before the 30th June each year. It
    shall consider.
    a) The audited accounts and balance sheet of the Federation for the period ending 31st March.
    b) All the resolutions and constitutional amendments, which are submitted by the Federation
    c) The election of officers.
    d) Any other special items as indicated to the General Secretary not less the 7 days prior to the
    annual general meeting.
    e) At least 21 days notice shall be given to all members associations or companies.
    f) Constitutional amendments and resolutions for the annual general meeting must be received by the
    general secretary at least 60 days before the meeting.
    g) Copies of agenda for the annual general meeting shall be forward to members. Associations or
    companies at least 7 days prior to the annual general meeting.
    h) Eight member associations (including not more than 50% individual members) shall form a quorum
    for the annual general meeting.
    A special general meeting of the Federation.
    a) May be convened by the executive committee.
    b) Shall be convened on receipt of a requisition signed by not fewer than 8 member associations
    including not more than 50% individual members.
    c) Such special general meeting shall be convened by the General Secretary not more than 28 days
    after receipt of the requisition.
    d) Not less than 14 days notice shall be given to all members, associations or companies.
    e) The meeting shall consider only the business stated in the notice for the meeting.
    f) Eight members associations including not more than 50% individual members shall form a quorum
    for a special general meeting.
    a) No resolution or motion shall be discussed at a meeting until it has been moved and seconded,
    except any resolution that is moved by the chair.
    b) A resolution to remove an officer must be intimated by the general secretary to every member,
    association or company at least 14 days prior to the meeting on which agenda the resolution must
    be placed.
    a) Each member present shall have one vote.
    b) Votes can only be cast by those members present.
    c) In the event of the voting being equal on any matter. The Chairman will have a casting vote.
    a) Voting will be on the basis of one vote per plate paid for.
    b) The proposer and seconder alone, apart from the executive committee will be allowed to speak
    twice on any motion. On the second occasion, only reference to specific points will be allowed.
  17. a) Any member wishing to speak on any single question will be required to and give his or her name
    to the Chairman and where applicable, the name of his or her association or company.
    b) The following procedures will be adopted in relation to resolutions or motions.
    i) A proposal is made.
    ii) An amendment may be put.
    iii) The amendment is put to the meeting.
    iv) If the amendment is passed it then becomes the proposal, if defeated the proposal stands.
    v) The proposition is then put to the meeting.
    vi) Amendments can then be given, in writing or verbally, to the Chairman before a vote is
    Amendments may be made to the constitution by a simple majority of those present and entitled to
    vote at an annual general meeting or special general meeting, of the Federation, called for that
    Any breach of the constitution may be raised by a member rising to a point of order, which shall be
    taken forthwith.
    In the event of any question on which this constitution is silent, the executive committee shall have
    the power to act according to its interpretation of the articles.
    The members of the executive committee including the general secretary and treasurer shall be
    indemnified by the members of the Federation against all liability properly incurred by them in the
    management of the affairs of the Federation.